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“The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves."

--Helen Keller,

deaf and blind author, activist

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a Wild Ride!

It's been a while I know but check this out. . .
So after I wrote last time I just went on carrying on with life thinking I was going to write once a month at least but that didn't happen because
I was 8 months prego and I feel down the stairs and broke my foot in 3 place and had to wear a boot for 6 weeks. . .I didn't get out very much after that.
**(pregnant, broken and with a 2 yr old boy, lots of work!)

I decided to teach swim lessons and had a blast. I was 9 months prego and teaching 24 kids how to swim! I loved it! They were soooo good!

Then I had my baby. . .
Her name is Krya (korea with out the o)
She was 6lbs 4 oz and beautiful. It was fast. once my water broke It was an hour and 1 push later and she was crying!

Now I have 2 kids and loving it! I must say sleep is rare but i am managing.

Tavis love her and is definetly her biggest threat! I can't keep him away. Every morning be blots down stairs and shakes her co-sleeper until she wakes up or until I find him and throw him in time out!

He has to point out all her features, noise, eyes, ears, head, toes, feet, etc. He thinks her hands and feet come off and that her eyes are indistructable! other than that we are good!

We went to the dr. for his 2 year check up and her 2 week check up and she had to get her pku shoots and when she started crying tavis was so worried! he got teary eyed and everything, "oh no ma, oh no." he would say! soooo precious!

So anyways i've been busy but doing great!
Love ya all
enjoy the pictures!

Monday, March 23, 2009

From A - Z in the last months . . .

Sorry I've dropped out of the world for a little while but I am trying to come back onto the swing of things. Here's a quick update of the last six months and a ton of pictures. By the way I am going to go private on my blog so send me your email.

  • Tavis was a skunk for Halloween!
  • We found out we were expecting!!!!!
  • It was my birthday I'm 27
  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving (All my family came up from CA and we had so much fun!
  • Brad went away for a while and we all miss him and pray for his safety. (A very tough situation and very scary)
  • Tavis was moved to a big boy bed and doing awesome!
  • Tavis got a 3rd degree burn but all it well it was just a little scary
  • Christmas!
  • We were going to Ca for Christmas then as we were walking out the door bad things happened and we went to the hospital to see if we were still going to hav a baby and we are. Everything looked okay but we needed to be very careful so NO CA. TRIP :(
  • A week later Alex was leaving on his mission and we needed to be there so I called the Doc and he said okay and we took off that day!
  • Thank goodness we went because my mom got into a car accident and I needed to be there to help!
  • We had a blast in ca and Tavis was loving it!
  • I Had finals and passed with an A wow Go Jessica

  • I started another semester of school
  • I became the Chamber of Commerce Treasurer
  • We had a good ultra sound and things with the baby still looked good
  • I was released from Young Women's and was not happy about it!!


  • We are Having a GIRL!! and we are so exited!
  • I am not doing good with my my school class but I am plugging away
  • My mom decided to have surgery on her neck from the accident it's a big surgery.
  • The chamber is good we are revamping the whole program and it's going to be great!
  • I'm gaining weight and feeling it!
  • We are working hard to get more work as the economy is struggling
  • I started potty training Tavis and he is doing awesome! A little bit at a time.

  • Nathan's Birthday and it was nice. Simply but nice.
  • I am 6 months pregnant and loving every minute of it!
  • I have another doc's appt. on the 24th
  • My mom is having surgery today the 23rd AHHHHH
  • Shawn will go and see her and help her as I am fragile.
  • We listed our house for sale! Scary.

That's it. Although as I was thinking about it all it's seemed like I was so busy but it doesn't look that way on paper. Sad. I thought I had an excuse for being lazy with the blog. Sorry about that.

Quick tavis update. He is such a chatter bug and loves his dad more than anything! I loves to go potty and throws himself a wahoo after he is done. He notices every baby now and hates the nursery, and says no to everything. It's so awesome! He's 20 months now at the end of march and I hate that time goes so fast!

With the new baby (her name is a surpise) we are so lucky to have Carter's Dr. again. We love him and appreciate all his patience and guenine care for us. He and his faily hav become great family friends of ours and we are sooo lucky!

I am going private with my blog next week so send your email! Thanks for caring everyone and I will try to update at least once a month.
Lova you all

San Fransico on peir 39

Star fish in Ca.

After trick or treating we chopped wood for the winter. . .fun. Not

I'm a Skunk and looking back I will be mad at my parents. We had a fun time dressing him up! HA HA HA

Alex left to the mtc early Jan

Santa Time, he hated santa

My first potty!

Tavis love to play the drums

I taught him to say cheese and he loves to make cookies.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Walking, Talking, Running, Flushing, and so much more!!

Okay so first let me apologize again for being out of the loop for a while but let me give you a run down of the last month. A very special family came into my life and our time has been priceless! Well then their house burnt down and we have clothed them and housed them and they are not gone and it's bitter sweet. I love them so much and they loved us so much and our little tavis they have given him books and toys and love and laughter and a 4-wheeler! Yes he has a 4-wheeler that they had to leave behind. Oh I miss them! Well School has been a bit tougher then I once thought it would be. I have forgotten how to read to retain but it's going good and hopefully I will at least end up with a B. I love my young women calling we made apron last week and we are sowing pillows tonight and I love my girls! They have brought back the eagerness we all had at that age for new and exciting things. They love the gospel and it bring me back to the feelings that we all should have and the pure love of knowing the gospel principles! I love it! Oh yeah I made a mad dash to Ca to see Brad and my parent and grandparents and it was so fun! And we have snow on Oct. 11th CRAZY!!!!

Well now to more important things. . .Tavis! Our little man. He finally walks/runs everywhere and it is so fun! He get's going so fast his little legs can't keep up and he falls and we cheer and he gets back up to do it again. He puts his little arms up in the air to balance himself and it's the cutest thing ever! He is now down to one arm in the air and the other is to keep dad from getting him:) Nathan is loving this stage and all I hear when it's nathan's time with Tavis is laughter and I feel so blessed! Tavis has a little tent in his room he won't let anybody in. He opens and closes the door like nobody's business hee hee. He has figured out how to push himself on his elmo truck. If there is a botton to be pushed he will find it! He loves loves loves oreos and sometimes he becomes my little black baby I've always wanted. He has learned to flush the toilet so while I am doing dishes and need five minutes I stick him in the bathroom and he goes to town on the flushing. He is doing so good at signing and we now excatly what he wants except for the times he feels he's entitled to just be given what he wants and we go back to square one which I also love! He is outting stuff on his nose and thinks he is so funny which he is! :)

As for Nathan, Well it's hunting season and between elk, duck, geese, and deer, and oh yeah and work, he's busy. I love him so much my teeth ache. We have grown so much as a family this last little while and I feel like everyday it just gets better and better! Nathan bore his testimony on Sunday and while he was talking Tavis went crazy! DADDY DADDY DADDY! It was so cute. He is a total daddy's boy. Of course I felt compelled to say something as well and Tavis didn't even know I was gone. . he was so happy to be sitting with dad, they sure are funny!

Here is a ton of pictures. . .

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bear Lake Parade of Homes 2008 People's Choice Award Goes To. . .

Epic Construction for Bear Hollow Lodge!

Bear Hollow Lodge Lake View
Drive Way and Entry

Great RoomMaster Suite
Master Bathroom

Butler Pantry

Outside Living and Fireplace

Dinning Room
Timber Work

Grand Stair Case

Lake View and Covered Deck

Covered Deck

Guest Suite

Upstairs Bedroom

Great Room Down Stairs

Loft Living Area

Recreation Room ( Wired for Projector System)


Wine Cellar

Guest Bathroom

Bunk Room